💲Platform Fees

We want to ensure that the Purchasa platform is sustainable for the long term by creating a system that incentivizes merchants, creators, investors, business owners, users, and ecosystem development.

Purchasa Marketplace is free-to-use; merchants only get charged transaction fees when shoppers purchase goods and services.

While a lot of our competitors charge up to 20-30% commission for each sale a merchant gets on their platform, we want to ensure creators are keeping more money and profits in their pocket for the work that they sell.

We also know that Purchasa will be many merchants' first exposure/opportunity to accept cryptocurrency for their goods and services. While keeping our fees very low for local currencies via our Stripe integration (accepting Visa, Mastercard, etc.), we simultaneously offer zero merchant fees when a creator chooses to accept our native token, $PCA.

Our goal is to focus strongly on customer service via live chat and knowledge base documentation to assist every merchant in being able to accept a wide range of payment methods. With flexible payment options, we aim to give creators more reach and attract a wider, global customer base, while providing more revenue and profit by having zero fees.

Merchant fee structure is as follows:

When we whitelabel ShopSmart as a global web3 payment solution for any ecommerce/online store to integrate, the fee structure will be as follows:

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