Our roadmap is separated into different areas of the ecosystem so that you can easily see what has been completed, currently being worked on and our future plans. Roadmap gets updated each quarter.$PCA Token✓ Launch token on $PCS✓ Lock liquidity✓ Create all social channels✓ Create product roadmap✓ List on Coin Gecko✓ Launch merchant fee transaction flow✓ List on XeggeX exchangePurchasa Marketplace✓ Create scope for marketplace✓ Launch Courses✓ Launch Job directory✓ Launch toolkit✓ Launch community creation✓ Launch create profile/looking for work✓ Launch in-built messengerShopSmart✓ Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon Matic smart contract testnet✓ Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon Matic smart contract mainnet✓ Launch V1.0 SmartShop on Purchasa Marketplace✓ Token partnerships and integrations✓ Layer-1 partnerships and integrations​

Hero Wallet

✓ Launch wallet with Ethereum, BSC and Matic chains✓ Launch dApp Browser✓ Launch market watch for thousands of assets✓ Launch social feeds for twitter influencers✓ Get over 500 downloads✓ Create partnerships✓ Continue to add more decentralized features

Q1 2024 Development Roadmap

✓ Launch Purchasa.io✓ Create collapsible menu on Purchasa marketplace

✓ Launch digital store

✓ Create landing page with search function

✓ Minor bug fixes

Future Plans

  • List on more CEX

  • SmartShop white label integration

  • Purchasa Visa debit card

  • Create Purchasa NFTs

  • Launch Purchasa blockchain (zero-fee, gasless, near-instant, cross-border payments)

  • Metaverse Shopping

  • Become the standard ecosystem for crypto transactions, online payments and e-commerce

  • Charity: Launch Purchasa Grow - Providing startups and entrepreneurs in developing countries access to courses and digital products on Purchasa Marketplace.

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