🦸Hero Wallet

Explore the world of crypto with over 1080+ assets to safely manage, exchange, buy and sell.

Hero allows users to protect their portfolio with a non-custodial wallet that is 100% decentralized, with all private keys and data kept on-chain and on the wallet owner's local device.

Hero is feature-rich, enabling seamless connectivity to the entire DeFi landscape. From market watch to dApp browsing, managing favorites, and staying updated with popular social feeds, Hero is 100% non-custodial, with private keys stored locally on your device.

Currently available on Android and soon to be launching on the Apple Store, it is our goal to continue building features and establish a wallet that is easy-to-use, cross-chain, and secure; providing holders of $PCA and other digital assets a safe way to manage, store, send, and transact with their cryptocurrency.

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