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Purchasa Marketplace is a hybrid web3-FIAT SocialFi platform built to empower merchants, creators, brands, and entrepreneurs in connecting with shoppers through social and search, while providing flexible ways to sell with both traditional and web3 payment options.

Our Marketplace aims to redefine e-commerce by offering a platform that assists merchants in effectively selling their products/services, while providing consumers with a trustworthy shopping experience. Powered by our in-house-built web3 global payment solution, any merchant can accept popular digital assets and cryptocurrencies at checkout. Executed safely and securely on layer-1 blockchains via smart contracts, all transactions are 100% peer-to-peer, wallet-to-wallet, without any central entity accessing funds during the transaction process.

The Marketplace is feature-rich, offering user profiles, communities, an event calendar, social posting, an in-built messenger, a review system, and much more. It aims to provide a user experience where quality merchants with good products, services, and content can be rewarded and gain more visibility and the potential for more sales, revenue, and profit. In beta, merchants can sell courses and digital products, promote their SaaS software via toolkit, post jobs (offering wages in local currency and crypto) via our job directory, and run events, workshops, masterminds, and AMAs. We will be building out more ways for shoppers to purchase products/services from merchants in the future.

Regarding merchant fees, Purchasa is completely free to use, and we only take a commission once a merchant makes a sale. When accepting our native token, $PCA, we take zero merchant fees, while for other digital assets and local currencies, we take 1.25%, making us the lowest-fee merchant marketplace on the internet! Our long-term goal for the Marketplace is to drive the widespread adoption of our platform, gradually expanding the ways merchants can sell and establishing a new standard in social commerce.

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