Leveraging the payment gateway technology developed for Purchasa Marketplace, ShopSmart is a web3 global payment solution for global e-commerce, allowing merchants to effortlessly accept cryptocurrency at checkout.

Transactions via ShopSmart are executed securely through smart contracts on layer-1 blockchains, ensuring decentralization and eliminating the involvement of Purchasa directly or any central entity in fund handling.

Currently integrated with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon Matic, ShopSmart remains adaptable, with plans to incorporate additional tokens and cryptocurrencies on these chains and beyond through ongoing partnership discussions.

For merchants accepting $PCA, ShopSmart offers a zero-fee structure, while a 1% payment processing fee applies to transactions involving other digital assets.

ShopSmart will be white-labeled with a simple and easy-to-use API; integration will be seamless, requiring just a few lines of code.

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