Purchasa Summary

Official Purchasa Whitepaper, last updated December 2021
Purchasa is an e-commerce social platform built using blockchain technology.
The ecosystem bridges the gap between sellers and consumers through digital marketing, cryptocurrencies and peer-to-peer transactions.
With an Android and iOS app currently deep in its development roadmap and the website ready for release in early 2022, the protocol will offer a unique profit-sharing model to stakers, discounts at checkout for consumers and reduced transaction and advertising costs for merchants who utilize cryptocurrency.
Purchasa’s functionality allows brands, businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives to:
  • Tell their story: Post content, photos and videos, showcase what makes them unique
  • Sell, rent and share: Anytime, anywhere and on any device, products can be listed on the Purchasa marketplace
  • Book services: Through both online and offline booking systems, businesses can generate leads and more customers for any service that they offer
  • Grow their team: Look for staff and hire new team members in the job classified
  • Provide training: Sell training material, educational content and courses
Purchasa is also a platform where consumers can:
  • Explore: Through search, find reputable brands both local and abroad
  • Connect: Book services, buy and rent products, look for work and enrol in training programs
  • Save: Receive discounts on purchases through checking out in cryptocurrency
This will all be available on an open, free to use platform that has been designed and built around ease of use for people with all levels of technical experience.
Consumers will be able to purchase in both crypto and FIAT currency.
The native token for Purchasa is PCA, which is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
PCA is the native token that fuels the Purchasa ecosystem. It is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
The initial launch of the token (PCA) was held in February 2022.
Through the utility of PCA:
  • Sellers will get lower transaction fees, and discounts on the advertising network
  • Consumers will get a 2% cashback in PCA on transactions
  • Investors will be able to stake and earn an Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
  • Participate in a unique profit sharing model where 25% of all profit generated on the platform will be used to purchase PCA on the open market, and distributed to PCA holders, based upon staking value
Purchasa's Vision
To create an arena in the e-commerce landscape where the needs of both sellers and consumers are prioritized and the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency peer-to-peer transactions are leveraged to the benefit of all users.
Future Goals
VR Marketplace
After launching the app for both Android and iOS, as well as web, Purchasa will start researching into creating its virtual shopping world. In the future, we see a platform where all brand pages will have there own virtual shop, where they can sell, teach, and share content. This idea is still in its infancy and will be discussed more in Q2 2022.
SHOP Wallet
The SHOP Wallet extension will be both an app as well as an extension for any e-commerce store, to add and enable both cryptocurrency and SHOP token onto their current checkout facility.
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